For parents, celebrating their baby’s first birthday is a big milestone.  It is more than just rejoicing over the child’s first year of life.  At its core, it is a celebration for the new parents for making it through 365 days of an emotional roller coaster ride.  It is a good enough reason to go all out and think of fun themes for first birthdays.

Many parents opt to hire birthday planners to help with this all-important event.  This will avoid the stressful experience of organizing a birthday party for a one-year-old.  If you are tasked to organize this event, we suggest trying these fun themes for first birthdays.  Also, our parenting experts offer ideas on wholesale tablecloths, cake suppliers, and even good curtain drape to hang. 

1. Mickey Mouse Birthday Theme

mickey mouse party decorations

Disney is the way to go for any parents unsure about fun themes for baby’s first birthday.

Decorate the venue with cutouts of Mickey Mouse’s silhouette.  You could even include a jumbo mylar inflatable Mickey Mouse.

Use the same shape for cupcake toppers and sprinkle Mickey Mouse streamer decorations around. 

These are excellent complements to not overload the venue with Mickey Mouse symbols.  Depending on table design, there are square, round or rectangular tablecloths available. 

2. Baby Shark Theme For First Birthday

Babies love singing baby shark do-do-do-do!  And parents have likely spent a good few months listening to this smash hit song. This makes “baby shark” a truly fun theme for first birthdays!  

Play around with some vibrant colors of yellows, blues, and pinks.  These are the same colors used in the famous music video.  Using these colors on the chair covers might be too much, but you can use the blue shark color on the event backdrop

Make sure to include the shark family members on the plates, cakes, and party favors.   We found lots of cool stuff if parents want this as a first-birthday theme. 

3. Sesame Street Party Theme For First Birthday

At any Sesame Street party, you should include Elmo, Oscar the Grouch, and Cookie Monster.  Other favorites are Big Bird, Bert and Ernie and Abby Cadabby.

The dominant colors should be yellow, blue, red, orange and green.  Include these as different tablecloths or at least on table runners.

Elevate the theme by highlighting a cake with Sesame Street character’s faces. 

4. Transport Fun Theme For First Birthdays

Babies are attracted to colorful and noisy toys, such as cars, construction vehicles, planes and trucks.

Decorate baby’s high chair with bright car-shaped and other transport vehicle banners.

Include a car-themed cake or toppers with fun car, boat and plane balloons

No transport party would be complete without some trucks or cars to play with.   Set up a space with a mat and toys for every guest, big or small, to play with.

transportation theme for first birthdays

5. Under The Sea First Birthday Theme

Indulge the kids’ love for anything that lives in the sea. Include starfish, seahorses, fish and maybe a mermaid or 2.

Even if it is not a beach party, you can still make it seem as beach-like as possible.  Include a sandpit in the yard, aqua-blue tablecloths or napkins, and balloons in different shades of blue.

Prepare some sea creature cutouts that will surely attract fascinated children’s eyes. 

If you want a more under-the-sea feel, use these tinsel curtains in blue.  Give the adult guests a taste of the sea using a fun blue tableware kit

6. Dinosaur Adventure Theme

dinosaur theme for first birthdays

It will be a roaring party with a dinosaur-themed first birthday party.  Think cakes, dinosaur cutouts, dinosaur balloons, streamers and various other dinosaur decorations.

Even if baby is too young to say T-rex, velociraptor or triceratops, their eyes will love the fun shapes and colors.

If you want to emphasize dinosaurs’ mostly green and blue colors, a large white backdrop could be a good idea. 

7. Bedtime Story Fun Themes For First Birthday

Find our the child’s favorite bedtime story and use that to create decorations.

How much fun for baby to see the story’s characters in their party decorations?

Blow up some pages from the book and tape them to the wall.  Use other characters in cupcake toppers.

As a nice touch, send the guests home with a copy of the bedtime story as a party favor.

8. Princess Birthday Party Theme

A princess-themed party is a great excuse to use lots of lace and ruffles.  Incorporate spectacular draping to make the venue look more magical and castle-like, an ambiance fit for a princess.

 A magical princess backdrop can serve as a great photo booth spot for the guests. An alternative would be a princess floral arch for beautiful photos and the princess can hold court. 

Add some fun princess table lights as excellent centerpieces to make each table fit for royalty.

Aside from a princess cake topper, highlight the cake by using a crystal cake stand to give it the royal treatment.

Give the guests the same treatment by having chairs with ornate covers and some organza chair sash ribbons.

princess theme for first birthdays

Bottom Line

A child’s first birthday party may not be something they remember.  However, the event will be well documented in photos and videos so fun themes for first birthdays are important.

It is truly a commemoration of parents’ one-year journey with their little one.

Fun themes for first birthdays include picking the decor, tablecloths, napkins, chair covers and table runners.  Getting these pieces right will make the event even more memorable for everyone.

We hope this list of fun themes for first birthdays gives you great ideas to celebrate your child’s special day. 

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