Your child’s safety in a car is a paramount concern that all parents should prioritize. Since you commute with your kids almost daily, dedicate time to ensure their protection and security. Vehicle safety extends beyond merely strapping in; areas like parking lots, driveways, and crosswalks can be just as dangerous as the backseat of your car. Keep reading for our top recommendations on maintaining car safety for children.

Consider Purchasing a Car Reversing Camera

Car reversing cameras have evolved into an indispensable safety tool agreed upon by many drivers. These devices are aimed at safeguarding children in parking areas and driveways. As parents, we often reassure ourselves that we’re aware of the location of all children before moving the car. However, unforeseen incidents can occur, and reversing cameras provide a superior and safer solution. To drive a car proficiently and safely, having clear vision is necessary; this is where rear cameras come into play.

While reversing cameras may not be completely foolproof, their inclusion as a significant safety device should be compulsory for every driver. With rear-view visibility becoming mandatory in the USA in 2018, it’s an excellent starting point to shield our children from the perils of wandering into the driveway.

Invest in Car Seats

For those with a newborn, invest in a specialized car seat. Secure seating for babies in vehicles cannot be emphasized enough. Regular seat belts aren’t designed for infants’ safety. As such, purchasing a comfortable baby seat from Diono installed on the rear seat and equipped with a strong belt is highly recommended.

There is a legal requirement to employ a child safety seat for children until they reach 4 years of age. In some countries like the UAE, non-compliance with this regulation leads to a fine of AED 400 and the addition of 4 black points.

Assemble a Kit for Your Baby

Similar to always having a first aid kit in your car for emergencies, it’s equally crucial to maintain a baby or toddler preparedness kit.


This kit, which can be a backpack or diaper bag, should contain necessary items like a change of clothes, a changing mat, an activity bag, a reusable cup, a snack box, a blanket, an umbrella, and a miniature first-aid kit. Keeping this kit in your vehicle at all times eliminates the need to remember to carry a diaper bag each time you step out, just remember to restock it regularly.

Avoid Leaving Children Without Supervision

It might seem harmless to leave your children in the car briefly while you collect a package or greet a friend passing by. However, this should never be done. Kids are naturally curious and rarely sit still. When left alone, they may be tempted to explore the car’s features and could potentially set the vehicle in motion.

Furthermore, even a quick errand can cause your car to heat up rapidly, potentially leading to heatstroke in your child. This is particularly dangerous during the summer months when temperatures inside a car can skyrocket in mere seconds. Unless another adult supervises, always take your children with you. Never leave them unattended in a vehicle.

Secure Your Car Windows

Most vehicles have power window controls close to the driver’s seat. It’s advisable to adjust the windows to your preference, either up or down, and then secure them.


Implementing childproof measures for car windows prevents parents from being diverted when their infants fiddle with the window controls in the rear seat, but it also minimizes the risk of toddlers trapping their fingers, hair, or arms, preventing potential injuries from car windows.


Ensuring your child’s safety and happiness during travel is paramount. Proactive measures, whether necessary safety precautions or diversions to keep the boredom at bay and prevent tantrums, are crucial. After all, when it comes to journeys with kids, prevention is the best way to ensure a smooth and enjoyable trip.