Why Strive To Practice Effective Parenting

Everyone wants to be the best version of themselves for their children.  This means using effective parenting skills.

We strive to be our best but most parents will have conflicting parenting advice.  There are many different ways to raise children based on the standards we have set. But, one thing that everyone wants is to raise a child who is kind, confident, and self-sufficient.

Parenting is not an easy task and doesn’t always go according to your plan.  It requires a balance between responsibilities and priorities.

As a parent, you know how demanding your children’s needs can be while looking after yourself and your relationship.  It can be overwhelming and fearful and requires methods of effective parenting.  You have the responsibility to raise a person who is going to play their part in the world someday.

Well, here in this article you will find a guide for effective parenting that can help you and your child.

You don’t want your child to fear you.  The best outcome is for them to respect and trust you.  Be there for them but not become a hovering and clingy parent.

These things may be hard to achieve, but it’s all about finding the right balance.

So, here is our guide to effective parenting filled with tips that can help you improve your parenting ways.

guide to effective parenting

Our Guide To Effective Parenting

1. Always Make Time For Your Kids

The first and foremost important thing in effective parenting is to be there when your child needs you.

You want them to know that you are available whenever they want.  Your kids might not say it, but your time means a lot to them. They will feel more confident with you by their side.

Try to spend more quality time with them. You can start by getting up a bit earlier in the morning and having breakfast together.

If you cannot spend time with them because of your job or school, plan a special dinner or a picnic at the end of the week.

With kids in their teen years, you will have to be more active than ever.  Teenagers demand more undivided attention from parents. 

So, try to be present in their lives by showing your interest in their daily routine. Express the desire to talk to them about their day.  Watch their favorite football game or attend concerts with them.

Spending time with them will let you get more involved in their lives and allow you to be a more effective parent.

2. Communication Is Vital For Effective Parenting

Make communication with the kids your top priority.  Ask them how they feel about current affairs and let them know their opinion matters.

If they are struggling with school, try to make them feel comfortable enough so they can talk their heart out to you.

Kids go through phases where they can’t discuss everything with everyone.  For effective parenting of your children, be the friend they want you to be.

Try to be more supportive and less judgmental.  Your kids will start to hide their mistakes if they see you overreacting to something they have done wrong earlier.

Moreover, if you want your kids to do something, explain it to them. They need to know all the “whys” and “hows.” You can’t just expect them to do something because you have said so.

Communicate with them, so they know what exactly they will get from it. Try to offer more choices and suggestions.

You can ask what they feel about a particular task.  Be open to their ideas, as well.  This way, they will look forward to learning new things and be more active in their daily chores.

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3. Be Consistent With Their Discipline

Making a scheduled routine for your kids will help them have a productive day.  Their increased productivity will show your effective parenting skills and make them feel good about themselves.

This discipline will help them establish a self-controlled and satisfactory life.

If you set some ground rules, it will help them fulfill your expectations and spend their time effectively.  Help them divide their day into sections for study, play, and to spend time on their tablets or smartphones. Know that the internet might be helpful for them in their studies, but it also provides many opportunities to waste their time.

The best way to ensure their productivity is to monitor their online activities using monitoring apps like XNSPY. You can also set screen limits on the targeted device remotely.

4. Effective Parenting Will Improve Their Self-Esteem

Self-confidence starts developing at home.

Kids see and feel everything from a very young age. The way you talk to them—your voice, expressions and body language—your kids absorb everything.  Your appreciation for even little accomplishments helps them develop their self-esteem.

Try to be understanding of their decisions.  An effective parenting tool is to remember what you did at their age.   Make them feel appreciated and let them know you are proud of them. 

Let them do things on their own.  It will help them feel strong and independent.

If you stop them from going out or constantly point out their mistakes it will make your kids have low self-esteem.

Try to avoid using harsh words and statements for them. Your comments like, “You are acting like a baby,” or “Anyone could do it better than you” could hurt them and their confidence badly.

An effective parenting skill is to make them feel loved and appreciated.  Let them know you love them for who they are.  It will help them accept their flaws and they will feel more confident with who they are.

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5. Be A Role Model For Them

Kids learn from watching their parents and elders. They watch their parents read a book before sleeping and they try to follow it.

They take cues from your action, so try to be humble and composed when you are with them. Effective parenting means you know they watch and learn from you all the time.

So, next time you start yelling at someone, know that your kids are going to act the same way when they get angry.

You want to be the perfect role model for them.  Show your kids love, teach them honesty and practice kindness and forgiveness in your life.  Allow them to be their best by following in your footsteps.


6. Unconditional Love Is Part Of Effective Parenting


guide to effective parenting

Make sure your child knows that your love for them is unconditional.  If they fail in a school test, do not scold them.  Instead, ask them if they need any help.

If they feel low, spend time with them and make sure they are okay.

However, it is essential to correct their mistakes and guide them to do the right thing.  How you react to any situation is the key to effective parenting.

You do not confront them by criticizing and blaming them for what they did wrong.  Ask them to try again and overcome their mistakes.

Make sure that they feel loved despite their mistakes.

7. Know Your Strengths And Weaknesses

No one is flawless and there is no such thing as perfect parenting.  However, everyone has their strength and weaknesses.

Try to improve your effective parenting skills every day without pressuring yourself. Know that the whole house needs you healthy and fit.

Take out time for yourself and give yourself a break from everything.  If you are happy in yourself you will be able to make others happy.

Your child is your responsibility but if you think of it this way it will have you all stressed.  It is always better to enjoy your life with your loved ones while making the most out of it.

It is okay to focus on yourself once in a while. Self-care is another lesson your children can learn from you.