We all know why humans should be consuming healthy food, but what about our dogs? Human diets are constantly given a healthy approach, yet many of our puppies are still chewing on food full of processed ingredients we don’t know about, perilous fad diets, and overly complex wet foods.  What do we need to know to convince us to rethink our pet’s diets and choose healthy dog food? 

Since each breed and dog’s requirement is unique, it is important to know what suits them. Besides our basic knowledge of choosing the right food for our dogs and feeding them healthy meals, here are some guaranteed benefits of a healthy dog food diet.

9 Benefits of Feeding Your Pooch With Healthy Dog Food

1. Healthy Dog Food Gives More Energy

Over-processed foods can be hard for your fur kid’s digestive system to break down and extract nutrients from.

healthy dog food for an energetic dog

This means that most of the dog food goes in one end, doesn’t get processed well, and leaves the stomach.

Fresh ingredients in dog food are more easily digested, which helps your pup absorb a substantial amount of energy from the food they consume.

This allows your dog to glean energy from nutritious food when they need it.

You’ll notice a happier dog with more stamina for more extended playtime, hikes, and exercise!

2. Healthy Dog Food Boosts Digestive Health

A blend of vegetables and meat is vital for a canine to have a healthy gut. Let’s put it this way: in the wild, a canine usually would hunt a smaller animal like a rabbit, squirrel, or bird.

They would also consume the contents of their prey’s stomach, which would be a herbivore diet. These small prey make the dog consume meat and vegetables that give them nutrients and fiber, further helping them to keep the digestive system functioning well.

You’ll notice that a blend of veggies and meat will keep your dog’s teeth cleaner, have a less odorous breath, and healthier gut.

3. Shinier and Healthier Coats

Healthy oils are a crucial aspect of any fresh dog food meal, and these fats can help you revive a dull coat to a glossy one quickly.

Fresh dog foods have a blend of such healthy oils that can provide several health benefits to your pet, along with a shiny, supple coat as another happy side effect!

healthy dog food for energetic dogs

4. Healthy Skin and Nails

If your dog has a few allergies or any kind of skin conditions, you’ve probably heard that fresh food is a natural remedy.

Nutrients such as Vitamin B and its varieties, zinc, and fatty acids in fresh dog food can help treat and soothe various skin problems in dogs.

These nutrients are far more powerful when derived from food ingredients rather than being fed as supplements added to dry food or given as medicine.

These benefits can generally be noticed in a month or so!

5. Healthy Dog Food For a Brighter Eyes

Vitamin A is abundant in fresh dog foods and easier for our pups to absorb. 

Brighter eyes signify vitality and happiness and are a commonly observed plus point of new dog food.

They also spell better optic health under the surface. Vitamin A is abundant in kale, carrots, sweet potatoes, and spinach.

A good rule to follow is to look for colorful veggies in your pup’s fresh diet to give them the richest of vitamins!

healthy dog food for brighter eyes

6. Lesser Waste and Firmer Puppy Poop

Several processed dog foods have an excessive quantity of fiber, as non-protein fiber is often cheaper than other ingredients. While fiber is necessary, too much of a good thing can be harmful.

After a certain amount, too much fiber can make your dog’s body taxed by constantly putting energy to break it down, putting the absorption of other nutrients in the background. I

n the long term, this can lead to colon cancer or other digestive tract-related problems. Giving them a balanced diet, fiber from natural sources never touches the dangerous 10% crude fiber range of processed dog food.

This means your pet pooch can use more energy from the food they consume; less of the fresh food diet just passes through. You’ll notice your dog’s stools will appear tinier and firmer!

You’ll be able to pick them up easily and not create a mess.

7. Saves More Trips to the Vet

The rich vitamins derived from fresh foods like Vitamin A, C, and Zinc freshly cooked will help maintain your dog’s immune system.

Immune system upkeep will make your pet feel good every day, but it also spells lesser trips to the vet!

Dogs with chronic illnesses like allergies, irritation on the skin, or sensitive stomachs also get long-term relief because of a fresh food diet.

These are free of artificial additives that result in such conditions. Owners have reported fewer costly vet trips.

How many toys and squeaky balls could you get with the money saved?

8. Better Quality of Life

We as humans enjoy our meals, so why shouldn’t your fur child? Along with all the benefits of fresh food, perhaps the biggest is the joy dogs feel every time their parents put real food in the bowl.

The happiness we get to watch their excitement in eating it is priceless! Nourishing those you care about is an enormous responsibility and privilege of life.

There’s no better feeling than knowing we can provide our dogs food they can happily dig into and stay healthier for longer.

healthy dog food for a longer life

9. Healthy Dog Food Gives Your Pup a Longer Life

When pets are no longer at risk for deadly diseases like cancer, allergies, and the several other threats of unsuitable dog food, a healthier diet gives them more years to spend together. Like our diets, it is factual that better nutrition is the path to a better and longer life.

In a research paper, dogs that were fed a fresh diet lived for 13.1 years on average. However, dogs that were fed commercial and canned food lived an average of just 10.4 years. With good quality food, you’re adding an extra two and a half years to your dog’s life! What you feed your pet affects how long they live.

Ingredients like dyes, starch, synthetic nutrients, and preservatives in cheap dog food eventually take their toll on a dog’s health.

Wrapping Up: 

Never wonder what the ingredients in your dog’s food are again.  Choose whole ingredients that are healthy for your pet’s overall health and watch them flourish in front of you gracefully. Perhaps the biggest perk to receive out of feeding them healthy dog food is having peace of mind!

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