Instagram has presented limitless opportunities for people to socialize, regardless of their geographical location. The platform’s Story feature is emerging as one of the most loved aspects of the social media app.

Instagram Story is a feature that allows users to share short video clips of photos that disappear in 24 hours. The followers of these users get to view the stories, and their activity is recorded on the poster’s device.

Sometimes, however, you may not want your activity detected for various reasons. This is where AnonyPro, as well as other anonymous story-viewing tools and techniques, come in. The latter offers you a way to enjoy Instagram stories without the owner of the content knowing about it.

Instagram’s community guidelines currently discourage users from viewing any content anonymously. Several key steps have been elucidated, all of which aim to break this barrier without violating the platform’s terms of service and privacy policies.

In this post, we will teach you how to empower your privacy by following the key steps. Pay attention as we expose these timeless tricks.

Key Step #1: Utilize Third-Party Apps and Websites

If you are looking for a hassle-free and straightforward method to view Instagram stories anonymously, you’re using third-party apps and websites designed for this very purpose. These awesome tools enable you to view stories without necessarily signing into your official Instagram account or leaving evidence of your online activity.

Advantages and Cautions:

  • Advantages: These apps and websites provide an effortless and effective way to remain anonymous. By refraining from logging into the platform directly, you make sure that your profile is not linked to the stories you view.
  • Cautions: It’s vital to work with reputable services to escape security risks. A few third-party apps and websites might need excessive permissions or be infected with malware. Always conduct thorough research and read real user reviews before signing up for any service to make sure it is trustworthy.
  • Recommended Tools: Websites like AnonyPro,, and apps like StorySaver for Android and Repost Story for iOS are famous choices. They provide user-friendly interfaces and usually do not need personal information or login credentials.

Key Step #2: Create a Secondary Instagram Account

The second, most secure step is creating a dummy account specifically for the purpose of anonymous story viewing. Such a secondary Instagram account is capable of providing an extra layer of anonymity. You can use this account solely to watch your favorite stories without revealing your real identity or primary account details.

Steps to Create a Secondary Account:

  • Sign up: Use a unique email address that’s not linked to your main Instagram account. For additional privacy, make sure to use a temporary or disposable email service. Examples include Temp Mail, Mailinator, Guerilla Mail, and Fake Inbox, among others.
  • Minimal Information: Provide as little personal information as possible and desist from linking this account to any phone number bearing your identity or other social media profiles.
  • Private Account Setting: Finally, set the dummy account to private to block others from following you or watching your content unless you allow them.


This strategy ensures that your primary Instagram account remains anonymous and unaffected when you view stories. Furthermore, you get the opportunity to follow accounts of interest without those users knowing your actual identity.

Key Step #3: Enable Airplane Mode and Clear the App Cache


A more manual yet very effective method to watch Instagram stories incognito involves using your device’s Airplane Mode in addition to clearing the app cache.

How to Do It:

  • Load Stories: Open the Instagram app and give the stories time to load by allowing them to fully appear on the top of your feed.
  • Enable Airplane Mode: Once loading a story is done, switch on airplane mode on your internet-enabled device. This will severely damage your internet connection.
  • View Stories: Watch your favorite stories while in airplane mode. Since your device is offline, Instagram won’t register that you’ve viewed the stories.
  • Clear Cache: Once you are through with viewing, close the Instagram app completely and immediately clear the app cache. This step ensures that the platform does not retroactively log your activity when your device reconnects.


While effective, this method requires you to have a memory of the sequence every time and may not be practical for watching several stories frequently. In addition, it might not work if Instagram updates its viewing protocols or the app itself.

Key Step #4: Use Web Browsers and Incognito Mode

Watching Instagram stories via a web browser’s incognito mode can also enhance your anonymity. This method prevents cookies and browsing history from being stored, thus not linking your activity to your account.

Steps to follow:

  • Open Incognito Mode: Depending on your preference, launch a web browser and switch to private or incognito mode.
  • Visit Instagram: Type Instagram in the search window and navigate to the platform’s website. Go ahead and login if necessary. A clever move is to use a secondary account for added privacy.
  • View Stories: Browse and watch stories as usual. Incognito or private browsing mode ensures that no history or cookies are saved, maintaining your anonymity.


This strategy is straightforward to use and does not require additional tools or apps. It also lets you switch between profiles seamlessly if required.

Key Step #5: Leverage Browser Extensions

A great number of browser extensions are specifically engineered to enhance privacy and allow anonymous watching of Instagram stories. These extensions, in many instances, provide additional features like viewing private profiles (if you have permission) or downloading stories.

Popular Extensions:

  • IG Story Viewer: Potentiates anonymous watching of Instagram stories without signing in.
  • Hiddengram: This lets you view your favorite stories without your account appearing in the viewer “Seen By” list.

Installation and Use:

  • Install Extension: Search for the extension of interest in your browser’s extension store and have it installed.
  • Activate Extension: Follow the instructions the developer provided to activate the extension.
  • View Stories: Use the extension to browse and view desired Instagram stories anonymously. A majority of extensions work hassle-free within the platform’s web interface.
  • Security Note: Make sure that the extensions you decide to work with are from reputable developers to avoid jeopardizing your personal information or profile account.


Enjoying anonymous viewing of Instagram stories is not only possible; it is also relatively straightforward if you have the right tools and techniques.


Whether you choose to create a secondary account, use a third-party app, enable Airplane Mode, browse incognito, or leverage browser extensions, every method provides a unique benefit tailored to different privacy needs. Taking these steps allows you to explore Instagram content effortlessly while keeping your activity and identity private.