How does gardening for kids contribute to child development? Let’s walk through.

As a parent, we should always be looking for ways to bond with our children. If you have a strong bond, it’s likely to help your child throughout their life.

They’ll count on you, and know that they always have parents that they can rely on and trust.

Keeping that in mind, we need to try and think of ways to bond with our kids when they’re young.

A great way you can do this is by using your garden.

That’s right, you can use your garden as a brilliant platform to bond with your kids. How? Well, there are many things you can do in a garden that will help you bond with your children.

I’ve listed a few ideas below for you to have a look at; Gardening Lab for Kids: 52 Fun Experiments to Learn, Grow, Harvest, Make, Play, and Enjoy Your Garden

Maintain Your Garden Together

mother build strong bond with kids through gardening

A real easy way you can improve your bond is by getting your kids outside to do some garden maintenance with you.

They can help you cut the grass, rake up leaves, and spray down weed killer.

If you have a pond, they can help you maintain that too.

As you can see, places like Swell stock a huge selection of pond supplies that you and your kids can use to clean your pond.

They’ll have fun playing with the fish too!

It doesn’t matter what your garden does or doesn’t have, every garden needs to be maintained.

It’s the perfect excuse to go outside with your kids and spend an hour or two with them every weekend.

Expose Your Kids to Nature and Wildlife

In addition to maintaining the garden with your kids, exposing them to nature and wildlife is a great way to create a strong bond with them. It teaches them the importance of natural elements such as pollinators like birds, insects like bees, and butterflies in maintaining a healthy ecosystem and gaining a deeper understanding of the natural world. These experiences foster curiosity and appreciation and instill a sense of responsibility in preserving and protecting the diverse ecosystems around them.

Plant Things With Kids

parents and kids play in the garden

If they’re not old enough for maintenance, you can always get them out in the garden and plant things with them too.

This is my favorite idea as it’s a brilliant way to increase your bond.

You can crouch down with them and plant flowers or fruit and then keep going back to watch them go.

Kids love this, they’ll always be tugging on your sleeve asking if you can go outside and check on their flowers/fruit.

It’s something you can do together and share the enjoyment of watching something grow.

Play In Your Garden

parents and kids planting together

Finally, gardens are simply a great place to play with your children.

You may be reluctant to play any games with them in the house as there isn’t much space and you’re afraid of breaking things.

Plus, outdoor games are more fun for you and your kids.

You can play catch with them, get some small football goals and have a kick about, or even play some mini-tennis with them.

It’s such a good way of getting out and spending quality time with your children, particularly for any dads that might not spend much time with them during the week.

You see, your garden is the ideal place to start bonding with your children.

Get outside and start trying out some or all of these ideas.

They help you spend more time together and, more importantly, do things together too.

You’re not just sitting around next to them, you’re actually involved, and you’re working or playing together.

This is how you bond with kids, give them attention, and get involved.

Hope we have given you a helpful idea to make a strong bond with your kids and family as well. Learn more parenting tips on our page; Playful Parenting: The Ins and Outs Of How To Be One