Moving can be a stressful time in your life, even if it’s for the best of reasons. There is a lot you need to get done, usually in a short amount of time. You can get frustrated easily and can get easily overwhelmed. There are ways to prevent this and make moving a less stressful time.

One thing you can do is to hire a mover instead of moving things yourself. You can look for Dallas best and cheap movers to find the good ones in your area. Make sure that you check online reviews to make sure you are finding a reputable business.

This article will help you to learn some tips for moving to Texas. It will give you some ideas of what to do to make the move less stressful. You can also do more research to find the information you might need.

Tips for Moving

  1. Pack Early – Don’t put off packing until the last minute, begin doing it early. As soon as you learn you are moving, begin to pack things you can do without. This would include your out-of-season clothing, dishes you don’t use regularly, toys, and knickknacks you don’t need. This will help things to be less stressful when you get to the final move.
  2. Downsize – While you are packing going through your things, you should look for things you no longer need. This could be clothing that no longer fits, or knickknacks you no longer want. Get rid of these items instead of packing them. This will save you some time and space.
  3. Label, Label, Label – Label everything! Label the boxes so you know where each one belongs when you get to your new house. Label the children’s clothes so you know who they belong to and where they belong. Labeling will help you to sort things out at the new house.
  4. Important Documents – While you are sorting through your things, look for those important documents such as your passport, tax documents, social security cards, and anything else that might be important. Pack these items separately so you will know where to find them easily. Don’t put them in another box where they could get misplaced. You don’t want to lose these important documents.
  5. Make Changes to the New House – Before you move into the next home, make those changes you want to make. This could include painting, or putting in new tiles, or anything else that can be done before you move. If you get this done before you move, you can save yourself some time and energy. You won’t need to do it while you have all your household items around.
  6. Get Movers Early – Get the movers involved early in the process; they can help you in more ways than you think: They have gone through all this before and can help you make some decisions on how to pack and what to pack. If you involve them early, you can also be sure that they will be available to do the job on the day you want it done. This will also help to alleviate more stress later.
  7. Change Your Address – In all the excitement of moving, this is one thing that can be forgotten. As soon as you know your new address, you should put in a change of address card at the post office. You can do this online to save yourself some time. Don’t forget to change your address for all your bills such as credit card companies, loan companies, and all the others you have.
  8. Valuables – You might want to have a different plan for all your valuables. This could include art, jewelry, and antiques you might have. You might want to move these things in your personal car to prevent damage. Those items that won’t fit in your car could be moved separately in the moving truck with special care.
  9. Moving Day Essentials – You should make a box that has moving day essentials in it. This can include things such as toiletries, towels, food, can opener, and a change of clothes. This will give you time to find all the other essentials you need. You won’t worry about the first night and the next morning.
  10. Inventory – Inventory everything you have so that you know you have it all. You could make a list of each box and what is in each box. This way, you can check it off as it arrives at the new home. You will be less likely to lose or forget things if you do this.
  11. Google Search – Do a Google search of your new neighborhood so you can find all the necessary places are. You can look for the nearby gas stations, grocery stores, and schools. You can even find fun things such as the coffee shop and restaurants that are nearby. This will help you to become familiar with your new neighborhood.
  12. Emergency Funds – Set aside some emergency funds because emergencies do happen. You never know what could happen, especially if you are moving across the state or country. You might have emergency road repairs or an emergency room visit. You want to be prepared for anything.
  13. Find an Auto Shipper – Again, if you are moving across the country, you might need someone to ship your car. Make sure you choose a reputable company and make sure you book them early. Learn more about that here. The earlier you book them, the better chances you have of having it shipped on the day you want it to be.
  14. Give Mover Your Contact Information – Give the mover multiple contact numbers so that they will be able to contact you in case they have questions. Your cell phone could lose its charge or get lost, so it would be best if there were another number for them to call. It would also be a good idea to make sure that your phone is charged to the fullest.


There are many things you should do before you move. This will help things to be less stressful for you and help the move go smoothly. You don’t want to stress too much during the move, you will have too much to do.