How to store personal documents is one area most people overlook when it comes to home security.  Personal documents like birth certificates, wills, transcripts and social security details contain important information.  That said, you must keep them safe and secure.

This way, in case of an emergency or other circumstances, you can retrieve them easily.  Some of your documents, like tax returns or social security information, can be tempting to burglars. By storing them safely, you protect them from theft.

So, it’s best to know how to store personal documents to keep your data safe.  In this article, we will look at the best ways to store valuable personal documents securely.

5 Ways To Store Personal Documents Safely At Home

1. Store Personal Documents In A Portable Fireproof Lockbox 

Storing your documents in a home lockbox is one of the best ways to protect them. Using a home lockbox is recommended by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

Ensure that the lockbox is fireproof so your documents will be safe in case of fire.  Make sure to lock it to keep other people away from your personal information.  But, ensure you keep the key in a safe and easily reachable place. 

More importantly, ensure the box is portable for easy carrying in an emergency.  And make sure you keep it hidden but that someone trustworthy knows where it is.

2. Store Your Lockbox In An Accessible Place

Some emergencies like fire and a flood may require you to leave your house in a hurry.

Therefore, storing your lockbox in a place you can reach and grab it quickly is imperative.

However, hide it a little for protection in case of theft. Just ensure you and your family know where the box is if you need to get it in a hurry.

Moreover, label the box for easy identification.

3. Store Your Personal Documents In A Plastic Bag

Before storing your documents in the lockbox, adding a second layer of protection is a great idea.

One way to do it is by storing personal documents in a plastic sleeve.

The plastic sleeve will protect your documents like a transcript, birth certificate, or bank information from wear, tear, or accidental spills. Store each document in a sealable plastic sleeve before putting them into the lockbox.

The lock box is waterproof, but in case of a flood, water may leak in and ruin your documents.

4. Store Your Personal Documents In A Safe Deposit Box

Banks and credit unions offer safe deposit boxes where you can store documents.  These are more secure options if you feel your documents, like wills or certificates, need to be in a safer place.

However, you may not easily access the documents in the safe deposit box.  So, just keep copies of these documents at home.

5. Keep Digital Copies Of All Your Documents

Keep a digital backup of all your physical documents online in cloud storage.  This will ensure that you have a backup in case your physical documents access gets lost or damaged.

For extra security, keep the digital copies in two locations.  You can upload them to a secure cloud storage or store them on a flash drive and keep it in a safe.

Always ensure that your file location is password-protected for extra security.

Storing personal documents in the cloud

Wrapping Up

So, there you have it, how to easily store personal documents at home in a safe and secure manner. Replacing personal documents is time-consuming and costly so, protect them from damage and loss.

Moreover, you will safeguard sensitive and personal information from landing in the wrong hands.

We hope these tips have been helpful and read our First Aid Kit Ideas to keep your family safe during an emergency.