The principles of good parenting are defined by our values.  These depend on how we were brought up and what we’ve been exposed to throughout life.  Therefore, people will raise their kids differently because of the diverse environments they were brought up in.

However, the essential idea behind every parent is to nurture responsible children that will enjoy a good life.  Every parent wants the best for their children.  They don’t want to see them suffer and have that continue into adulthood.

Hence, good parenting will impart important values into our children to help them as they age.

It’s okay to let your child struggle to find a solution to a problem, it’s how they will learn.  Life isn’t always going to be easy and you can assist them up to a point. The rest is up to them.

Observe the joy and satisfaction they feel of solving a problem after a long struggle. Not doing everything for your child will teach them the values of patience and persistence.

What is Good Parenting?

Good parenting involves making decisions that benefit children now and into the future.  A good parent is considerate and attentive to the needs of their children plus aware of the lessons required.  They don’t expect their children to be perfect but want their children to succeed.

Hence, a good parent achieves the proper balance between discipline and expectation.  They encourage their children to work hard and provide constructive criticism.

Dedicated parents nurture the strengths of their children while noble parents give some level of freedom but maintain the role of the disciplinarian.

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What does healthy parenting look like?

When disciplining a child, try not to focus only on the negatives.  Your child learns by watching what you do and say. 

If they see sadness or anger on your face, it may hurt their attitude.  They could develop a negative thinking pattern and assume everything bad that happens is their fault. This kind of behavior impacts your child’s mental health and well-being.

There are two sides to everything: the good and the bad.  If your child is in the wrong, look at something positive that came out of that action and commend them.  Then, talk about the bad in a way that doesn’t make you look extremely angry.

As a rule, tell your child five positive things for every negative comment you give them. You’ll establish a better connection that way.

Healthy parenting is considerate and respectful.  Your child has feelings and can think for themselves. They can process everything you tell them.

Therefore, don’t force things on them and be polite when you talk to them.  Explain the rules to them.  Inform them of your expectations and why you want them to behave that way.  Then, let them ask you questions.  Learn to engage in meaningful conversations with your child instead of issuing orders.

Tell your child about the consequences of behaving badly.  If they break the house rules, allow them to know what they have done and acknowledge it.  Then, administer an appropriate punishment so they learn from the experience. 

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What is the role of parenting?

You have two roles as a parent: nurture and structure.

Your role as a nurturer is to provide for your child. This means ensuring your children have a roof over their heads and nutritious food to consume.  Clothes to wear, access to education, good healthcare, baby must haves and other things.

Apart from giving them material things, you should offer them your time and attention. Be there for them when they need you. Listen to their concerns and support their dreams and ambitions.

The structure role demands that you give your children a sense of direction.  Encourage them to become independent and respectful human beings.

When you develop boundaries, you teach your child the importance of respect. You demonstrate to them the importance of possessing values as an individual. 



Why is good parenting so important?



why is good parenting important

Good parenting matters because it shapes your child.  It assists them to develop emotional maturity, physical strength and robust relationships.

For example, when you teach your children to eat wholesome foods, they’ll learn the importance of a proper diet.  When you pursue sports with your children and encourage them to go after their passions, you help them develop that growth mindset.

If you teach your children discipline, they grow respecting other people’s boundaries and staying out of trouble.  For example, speaking regularly with your children helps them to learn how to express themselves.


A good parent performs what they feel is best for their children and defends them from harm.  The process of good parenting starts when your baby is born with love, nurturing and protection.

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