According to the Top Agents Insights Survey for Summer 2022, families are moving to a new home out of the suburbs.  In fact, they are heading to rural areas for a quieter (and more affordable) way of life. 

But, for families with children, that move can up-end their whole world and it’s not easy for them to cope.  Moving to a new neighborhood is going to be scary for them and they’ll feel all sorts of emotions they can’t describe. 

Even if you’re working with the best real estate agent who can help with great things your kids may love in their new neighborhood, it’s going to take a lot of patience.  We have five tips that might help make moving into a new home a little easier – both for them and you. 

1. Acknowledge Their Emotions

Your children are going to experience a whole host of emotions; some of which they know how to express and some they can’t. It’s important for you to take the time to sit with them and help them work through all of their emotions. 

the process of moving is considering your child's emotions

Have a conversation about moving into a new home and ask them how they feel.  In fact, try to empathize with them.

Let them know that it’s perfectly normal to feel sad, angry, afraid, and anxious.  You too, feel the same things (on some level).

However, instead of leaving it at that, point out all the happy things that they can look forward to in their new home.

Let them know that it’s okay to feel these things, but there are good things to look forward to, too. 

Use our tips on how to communicate with your child for a better way to talk with kids.

2. Read Books About Moving Into A New Home

If your kids love reading and they are worried about the move, they might enjoy the following books. 

3. Work While They’re Away Or Asleep

Moving into a new home can be a daunting task, but it’s important to get the work done while they’re away or asleep. This will help keep them from feeling overwhelmed and stressed out.

Depending on your children, perhaps it would be a good idea to do the bulk of the work while they’re at a friend’s house, in school, or even asleep.

This will allow them to take a break and enjoy their new home without having to worry about cleaning and organizing.

4. Have A Box Of Special Things When Moving Into A New Home

On the final day before moving into a new home, go through your kids’ favorite stuff and put them in a “treasure chest” that they are in charge of.

They’ll feel better knowing that their favorite toys, pictures, books, and other odds and ends are right by their side. 

It can be helpful to keep your child’s special things in one box.  This way, they’ll always know where to find their favorite things, and it will be easy for them to get settled into their new home.

Make sure to label the box with your child’s name so they’ll be able to find it easily.

childs special box for moving into a new home

5. Let Them Say Goodbye To The Old Neighborhood

During the lead-up to the final bon voyage, take your kids around the neighborhood so they can do the things they love one last time.

Take them to the park so they can build one last sand castle.  Or, go to the library so they can sit in their favorite chair and read their favorite book.

Although this may be the last time they’ll do these things in this neighborhood, they’ll be able to look back on the memories and smile. 

At the end of the day, that smile is all that matters… isn’t it?

Favorite things before moving into a new home


When moving into a new home, it is important to remember that children may feel insecure and anxious.

By acknowledging their emotions, reading a book about moving, and working while they are away or asleep, you can help make their transition easier.

Additionally, be sure to keep their special things in one box and let them say goodbye to the old neighborhood.

This will help them feel more comfortable with the move and encourage them to explore their new home.