If you’re a fan of history and visiting Sweden there are many Museen in Stockholm. One of the best is the Vasa Museum and of course the ABBA museum if you are a fan.  In fact, we have found the 6 best museums in Stockholm you must see.

Founded in 1252, Stockholm is a city with a long history.  And, as the capital of Sweden, it’s also home to some of the country’s top cultural institutions.  There are many historical monuments and museums worth seeing as you spend quality time with your family. Going to Sweden is made easier with available flights from Denver to Stockholm.

Drop off your bags at a Bounce luggage locker in Stockholm, and you’ll be ready to explore the city.  With so many great museums in Stockholm you may find you need to be selective.  However, here are the 6 Stockholm museums you simply can’t miss.

The 6 Most Popular Museen In Stockholm

If high-quality museums are on your list, you’ll be happy to know that Stockholm is home to some of the best. From the famed Vasa Museum to the fascinating Skansen open-air museum, there’s something for everyone in this cultural city.

Here are our picks for the six most popular museen in Stockholm. Enjoy!

1. The Vasa Museum

The Vasa Museum is one of Stockholm’s most popular attractions, and it’s easy to see why.  This museum is home to the world’s only surviving 17th-century warship, the Vasa.

The ship sank on its maiden voyage in 1628 but was salvaged in 1961 and put on display at the museum.  The Vasa Museum tells the story of the ship and its crew and is a must-see for anyone interested in maritime history.

Although this museum is quite small, its singular focus is what sets it apart from other museums in Stockholm.  Coming face-to-face with this impressive artifact of the past brings history alive in a way many other museums fail to do.

Learning more about this ancient shipwreck is an atmospheric experience to have in Stockholm.  It is also a terrific way to learn more about the city’s proud Naval heritage.

2. Skansen

Skansen is an open-air museum that gives visitors a taste of life in Sweden before the industrial era.  It spreads over 75 acres and includes more than 150 historic buildings.  Skansen is truly a unique museen in Stockholm.

There are farms with animals, as well as a zoo.  Skansen is a great place to take the kids and is one of the best ways to learn Sweden’s history.

What makes this museum unmissable, is its focus on re-creating the past.  Until somebody invents the time machine, this is probably the closest you’re ever going to get to stepping back in time.

And, because it’s so interactive, it’s terrific for kids who normally wouldn’t be caught dead in a museum. That’s why it earns its place on this list of the best museums in Stockholm.

Skansen Museen In Stockholm

3. The ABBA Museen In Stockholm

The ABBA Museum is a must-visit for any fan of the legendary Swedish pop group. It is located on Djurgarden Island and includes interactive exhibits.  You can sing along with ABBA hits as well as see stage costumes and memorabilia.

Fans of the Swedish supergroup flock here in droves when in Stockholm.  But, even if you’re not an ABBA fan, the museum is worth a visit for its kitsch factor alone.

Some of the exhibits here are truly astonishing.  For instance, there’s a piano that is linked to the piano in the home of ABBA member Benny.  It plays automatically whenever he decides to play his piano at home.

There’s also a painstakingly detailed recreation of the studio where the band recorded most of their music. And, a phone that only the four members of the band have the number to. 

This is a museum that doesn’t take itself too seriously, making it a great place to explore a visit to Stockholm.

4. The Stockholm City Museum – Stadsmuseet

The Stockholm City Museum chronicles the history of Sweden’s capital.  It takes you from its days as a small medieval town to its present-day status as a global city.

It is located in the historic Stadshuset (town hall) and is a very extensive Museen in Stockholm.  There are exhibitions on everything from art and fashion to architecture and urban planning. 

The Stockholm City Museum is the perfect place to learn about this city’s rich past.  It isn’t huge, but it does a good job of guiding you through 500 years of the city’s history.

Admission is completely free and includes a guided tour making it popular for museums in Stockholm.  You’ll get a much richer understanding of Stockholm’s past without spending a single kronor.

Stockholm City Museum

5. The Nobel Museen In Stockholm

The Nobel Museum is dedicated to the history of the Nobel Prize.  It is located in the same building as the Swedish Academy, which awards the prize each year.

A great museum in Stockholm, it tells the story of Alfred Nobel and his legacy and includes exhibits of all the Nobel laureates.  If you’re interested in learning more about this prestigious award, then the Nobel Museum is a must-visit.  This museum is the perfect place to learn more about some of the greatest minds in human history.

The Nobel Prize celebrates achievements in fields such as literature, medicine, physics and chemistry.  And, the Nobel Museum brings these achievements to life with its impressive exhibits. 

Who knows? Maybe this fascinating museum will inspire you to change the world yourself!

6. The National Museum

No list of the best museums in Stockholm would be complete without mentioning the Swedish National Museum.  Once the personal collection of the Swedish monarchy, the fine art on display at this stunning museum functions as a crash course in the history of European art.

Highlights of the collection include work by Rembrandt, Gauguin, and Cézanne.  But, the real star of the show is the museum’s outstanding collection of Swedish art.  These include works by masters such as Carl Larsson and Anders Zorn. 

It has an impressive collection and stunning setting.  The Swedish National Museum is a must-visit for any art lover visiting Stockholm.

The National Museum Stockholm Sweden


Stockholm, with its long Viking history is certainly not short of great museums.  So, with many museen in Stockholm to choose from, we wanted to highlight the best.

Whether you want to learn more about European art, the Nobel Prize or purely Swedish history.  Perhaps it is one of the biggest pop bands of all time that brings you here.  Stockholm has a museum to suit every families interests.

With a focus on interactive exhibits, the Museen in Stockholm do a great job at appealing to everyone.  This includes young kids to hard-core history nerds.

So, if you want to know more about the city you’re visiting, you know where to go.  The museums of Stockholm are waiting to be explored.

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