Find the Perfect Pencil Grip for Great Writing Posture

Writing posture is affected by how you hold your utensils. A terrific parenting strategy is to teach your child how to hold their pencil properly as this can help them write easily and correctly.

Using tools the best way can give a writer the advantage when learning how to write. You can easily help your child with the early challenges around developing correct writing posture.


Parenting Strategies For Proper Writing Technique

Do you remember your struggles trying to master holding a pen or a pencil at an early age? Properly holding a writing utensil can be daunting and even menacing for a child. The correct method is far from a natural task. The other kids are watching.

Learning new letters and words is exciting, but overwhelming. There are many factors that complicate the task of learning and writing first letters and words.

Is there an easier way or a better way to promote a more comfortable writing experience? Consider the use of a well-designed pencil grip to help writing posture.

Common problems for Early Child Writers

Many children find writing a challenge at an early age. It is not uncommon for the initial difficulties children have to follow them through their educational journey. These experiences are felt by many early writers.

Children handle these experiences in different ways. Early coping methods might discourage successful writing practices in the future.

Two initial writing problems might not seem serious as your child begins to write. They often have a harmless appearance but are common culprits that can create lasting problems with writing. Let’s take a look.

parenting strategies for teaching writing

Messy Writing

Your child hands you a piece of paper and you look at the scribbled script, vainly attempting to decipher the messy message. You incorrectly guess the actual text trying to be conveyed. Discouraged, the child relays the true message on the piece of paper.

Early discouragement such as this, can affect the child later in their writing career. A child can gain victory over early messy writing difficulties by learning correct writing techniques.

Celebrate writing improvements with your child as they progress and learn more about writing. Show excitement when your child writes for you.

Invest in some writing tools that will help your child’s chances of being a more successful writer. Purchase a FIRESARA pencil grip.


Being able to focus is another beginning problem for the early writer. The earliest evidence of this initial problem will be the lack of writing that you will see your child perform.

It is often difficult for a child to be able to focus on a particular writing topic if they are distracted. Properly holding the writing utensil is one of the common early distractions to the new writer.


Here Is Our Best Parenting Stratgey For Your Child be an Early Success!

Encouragement and excitement are two of the best parenting strategies that can help your child be an early writing success! Pay attention to how your child is doing when they perform writing activities. Look for signs of difficulty or early problems that might occur during early writing activities.

When you spot problems or difficulties, work with your child to encourage growth and improvement. Focus on writing goals that you would like to see improvement in and work with your child in these areas to help them succeed. Get excited when you see your child write.

If writing for you is an attention-getter, don’t be surprised if you see your child using writing to get your attention. Your excitement is a great reward for early development. Make sure your child knows how proud you are of them when their writing improves and goals are met.

parenting strategies for proper writing technique

Helping your Child Get a Grip on Their Early Writing.

The perfect pencil grip for your child can make them feel special and encourage correct writing early. With specific products, you will find the best writing tools to help your child be a success throughout their writing career. Take the time to research and look through the products on the Firesara website to find the perfect items for your needs.


Tools for Different Age Groups and Needs

As your child progresses in writing, their needs will progress. Different levels and expectations of writing will add different challenges.

As your child learns more and is taught to write at a more advanced level, different and better tools will be expected. Take a look at all the writing tools and pencils grips that Firesara provide that can help your child with these more difficult writing challenges.

Special Tools for Special Needs

The challenge of writing can be compounded by disabilities or other afflictions that might pose a challenge to your writer. The ability to properly hold a writing utensil might be even more difficult or impossible due to the special conditions that apply to your child. Firesara pencil grips are designed to make gripping a pencil a much easier task.

The Perfect Training Aid for Better Writing

Learning how to properly hold a pencil can be a difficult task for a child. Gripping a pencil the correct way can seem awkward in the beginning. Holding the pencil with correct fingers, in the correct way, can add a lot of pressure to the task of learning how to write.

A child trying to concentrate on writing, will often lose focus because they are thinking of the correct way to hold their pencil. The Firesara pencil grip products give the best parenting strategy to allow students to improve their writing methods at an early age.

Preschool: Training Rainbow Grips

Give your preschool students the advantage when starting their writing adventure. Encourage their natural writing experience.

The comfortable Firesara training rainbow grips promote proper writing technique, allowing the fingers to naturally touch the pencil. The pencil grip works with various shapes and sizes of writing utensils that your student will encounter in class.

Promote the correct three-finger holding method for your writer at an early age with the Firesara’s preschool training rainbow grips.




To improve your childs writing you will need to make sure they are gripping their pencil properly.  Our best parenting strategy is to help them hold their pencil better by using a pencil grip.  After doing extensive research we found the Firesara website to have the best range of pencil grips at reasonable prices.

If you are at your wits end with messy writing and a lack of drive to write great stories, look to fire their imagination and their love of writing by using a pencil grip to cushion their hand.

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