Christmas cards are a wonderful way to connect with family and friends around the holiday season, and many individuals have as much fun putting together a unique Christmas card as they do receiving them. However, if you’re new to the world of Christmas cards, you might be wondering who exactly you send these cards to. Our article gives you essential information about Christmas card etiquette so you can make the most of the holiday season.

Christmas Card Etiquette

When it comes to Christmas cards, it’s often hard to figure out who to send physical Christmas cards to, when to send digital Christmas cards, and who makes the list for Christmas greetings. After all, not sending a card to the right person might result in some hurt feelings, but sending out too many cards can be expensive and might not be worth it for every person listed in your address book.

Below, we list some Christmas card etiquette tips to keep in mind so you can figure out who to send Christmas cards to the easy way:

● Family members, including extended family, are at the top of the list for Christmas cards.

● Friends that you’re close with and neighbors that you are familiar with socially.

● Coworkers that you know socially – don’t send cards to every person in your office unless you have an established relationship with them.

● Older individuals and seniors especially appreciate physical Christmas cards from their loved ones.


As a general rule, you should order your Christmas cards before the Thanksgiving holiday. This allows time for your cards to be printed and shipped to you, and it gives you time to organize your mailing list for Christmas cards. The more last-minute you leave things with your cards, the more likely you are to forget someone from your list.

Can I Send Digital Christmas Cards?

In today’s world, digital Christmas cards are becoming more popular; they save money, time, and paper, and they might be a better idea for someone who is more environmentally minded. However, sending digital Christmas cards might not be the best idea if you have older family members, as these can be perceived as impersonal or hard to access by older generations.

That being said, digital Christmas cards are a good choice for individuals on your mailing list that you wish to recognize for the holidays but may not necessarily have the closest relationship with. They’re also a good alternative for when you have someone’s email but not their mailing address.

How Do I Find Addresses for Christmas Cards?

As you begin the process of putting together your mailing list for Christmas cards, you might find that you’re missing a few addresses. If it’s important to you to make sure that everyone on your list receives a mailed physical version of your Christmas card, you’ll need to figure out their correct addresses to do so – an online address search lookup can help you with this process, and ensure that the addresses you have on file are correct.


Other ways of ensuring that the addresses you are using are correct include verifying the address with the individual directly, speaking to mutual friends and family, and utilizing social media to make sure that people still live in the same place.

Making the Most of the Christmas Season

The Christmas season is one of the busiest times of the year, and Christmas cards are a holiday essential for many. If you’re new to the Christmas card tradition, keep in mind that you should only mail Christmas cards to individuals that you are close with, including friends, family, coworkers you are social with, and chosen family members. Don’t hesitate to ask around for proper addresses or use an online search tool to verify mailing addresses, and utilize digital Christmas cards when you’re in a pinch to make sure that everyone on your list gets a hint of holiday card cheer.