Having wisdom teeth removal is a very common procedure. An estimated 10 million people deal with the wisdom teeth extraction procedure in America every year. So, if your child is going through the procedure, you and your child, both need to understand that this is a very common procedure and there is nothing to worry about.

Why Wisdom Teeth Removal is Necessary?

In teenagers, many kids face pain due to wisdom tooth impaction. Wisdom tooth or the third molar erupts when the jaws of your child are completely developed. The typical time of this is generally around the age of 16-17. And that is why you need to be cautious about it since they are around 15 years old.

Wisdom Teeth Removal in children

Regular checkups can save them from a lot of pain and discomfort due to the eruption of wisdom teeth. When these teeth come out, generally, no place is left in the jaw for accommodating four new teeth.

And that is when these teeth start creating pressure on the gum, adjacent teeth, and whole jaw. And that is when your child will start feeling the pain.

This pain and discomfort will be difficult to for them manage and it will disrupt their daily foot habit and life.

Hence, this is when you should take them to a doctor for wisdom teeth removal Charlotte NC

How Can You Prepare Your Child for the Procedure?

Often, children going for lower or upper wisdom teeth removal can be scared of the procedure. They will be apprehensive about what might happen during the procedure and how painful it will be. For helping them to get through this fear, you need to assure them first that there is no reason to be scared as the procedure is common and they will be numbed during it.

At the same time, search for the doctor who will offer prior consultation before oral surgery.

During the consultation, talk to the doctor about your child’s fears. Make your child comfortable so that he or she can ask the questions they have in mind to the surgeon during this consultation.

When you search for wisdom teeth removal near me, you will come across many experienced oral and maxillofacial surgeons. They offer prior consultation so that they also get to know about their patient’s discomfort and questions.

So, make sure that during this appointment, all the doubts get cleared for your child.

prepare your child for the wisdom teeth removal procedure

Preparing for the Surgery – On the Day

The day they are supposed to go for the wisdom teeth removal, you need to make sure that they eat and drink at least 12 hours before the surgery.

Preparing child for wisdom teeth removal

Due to the anesthesia, they might feel nauseous if they have overeaten. So, be careful about this.

You must accompany them to the clinic for the procedure. Along with that, make sure that they are wearing loose clothing.

They should be completely comfortable with what they are wearing. If your kids have long hair, that should be tied properly or braided.

The kid must not wear accessories like chains, rings, earrings, or any kind of piercings.

Make sure that they are not sporting nail paint on their fingers.

After the Wisdom Teeth Removal Procedure

Once the procedure will be over, they will be under the effect of local anesthesia.

The surgical site will be numbed and that is why their speech will be slurred.

When they will wait in the recovery room, you need to collect the prescription and instructions for them.

You will have to follow them diligently for faster wisdom tooth recovery.

how to help child after wisdom teeth removal

Care At Home for Wisdom Teeth Recovery

For the next 36 hours right after the Charlotte oral surgery, your child will need to apply an ice pack on the side of the face of extraction. Make sure that you are giving the ice packs handy for them.

They will also require rinsing the mouth with salted warm water. So, give them that. After the surgery, they need to bite on the gauze pad which will help in developing the blood clot in the socket.

Make sure the blood clot doesn’t get dislodged. Give them lots of fluids including smoothies, juice, and milkshakes. Don’t let them drink through the straw as it will dislodge the blood clot from the socket.

Make sure that the child is taking both the pain medication and antibiotics. The antibiotics will prevent any risk of infection after the wisdom teeth removal procedure. Hence, finishing the course is a must.

care at home for wisdom tooth removal recovery

As the parent, you need to ensure your child feels safe during and after the wisdom teeth removal procedure. So, make sure you are following this guide.  

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