Parenting is one of the hardest things you will do in your life and it is important to understand that it takes many efforts to raise a kid in the right way. While we usually talk about all the positive parenting tips we wanted to share some bad parenting that you should avoid.

Have you been wondering what parenting tips you are required to avoid in 2021? Well, you have landed on the right platform. Here, we are going to mention ten bad parenting practices and give important tips on how you should completely avoid them.

Let’s check it out!

How to Avoid Bad Parenting

1. Comparing Your Child to Others

Comparison in certain aspects is not good. It can be especially damaging to a child if they are compared to someone else. It can make them feel sad, unloved and not worthy – not feelings you want your child to have. 

Most of us do a lot of comparing during our overy day life. We compare the chicken sandwhich we had for lunch to the one from our favourite cafe. Or the anniversary gift our husband got us last year compare to this year. Comparing your child to other children is something we just should not be doing.

Every child is different and grown, learn and do things in differnt ways.

If your child walked after your friends child it doesn’t mean they are slower they are just on a different developmental timeframe. If your child did poor on an exam but their best friend topped the class it doesn’t make them more dumb. Maybe your childs friend spends all their weekend studying while yours is out doing what they love – playing sport. 

It is not a good thing since it could lead to a loss of their confidence. Therefore, you should not compare your child to others.

Instead, you should appreciate and support them for whatever they are and they are supposed to.

2. To Avoid Bad Parenting, Don’t Criticize Your Child

Criticizing and yelling at your child can truly hurt them. It can cause them to feel rejected and not good enough which over time could lead to fighting back or breaking rules. 

While we need to teach kids how to react to criticism and build resilience against it, it is not ideal for a parent to be doing the criticizing. 

Being parents, you need to hold patience in case if things go wrong.

3. Argueing With Your Kids’ Teachers

Yes, you should always get into conversation with your child’s coaches, teachers, etc.

However this conversation should not turn into an arguement.Understandably they make be some disagreements with a teacher or coach over the course of your child’s life but allowing it to turn into an argument is not going to help anyone. 

Instead, practice patience and really listen to your children’s teachers to avoid bad parenting. 

It is important to remember that your child’s teacher or coach sees them in a different environment and a lot of the time their behaviour and manirisms may be different. So it is usually a good idea to take on their feedback.

4. Putting Pressure on Your Child

Parents should not get upset when children are unable to perform perfectly. Yes, it is frustrating and you may get mad but it’s important to not let your kids see the full extent of thses feelings.

Parents should always show patience to their kids.

To avoid bad parenting, you should establish harmonious communication with your children so that you both can express feelings without anyone getting hurt.

Here, it needs to be mentioned that each child is completely different and as a parent it is important to tap into their talents as well as emphasize the positive aspects.

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5. Forcing Your Child To Eat

It is quite important to make sure that you try not to force your child to eat. 

Instead of forcing them to eat it is important to teach them healthy habits around food as well as providing them with a good healthy diet. Instead of forcing them to eat, it’s good to educate and discuss with your kids the importance of nutrition.

Forcing a child to eat foods they don’t like or at times when they aren’t hungry can lead to long term issues with food. 

6. Forcing Your Child to Learn Accordingly

Forcing your child to learn always according to rules and top levels makes for some bad parenting. Be careful that you are not forcing your kids in any aspect. You need to let them grow and learn easily and in their own way sometimes. In other words, let kids be kids. 

Parents are required to keep in mind that children are probably unable to do well at specific things, and thats ok! Therefore, good parents allow their kids to learn as well as grow following their own pace.

You should emphasize their gifts and abilities instead of emphasizing their drawbacks.

7. Tantrum and Yelling At Your Child

Children generally love to go doing what their parents do.

Therefore, it is the responsibility of parents to make sure that their behavior, as well as actions, should remain full of affection and calm.

If you throw a tantrum and start yelling at them, that’s what becomes normal to them.

You need to show them how they can deal with their emotions.

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8. Helicopter Parenting

A big lesson for new parents is learning how to let their children make decisions for themselves – even if they know it is not the right choice.

Kids need to learn that they have the ability to make choices as well as learn the benefits or consequences of their choices. 

When you offer choices, it makes them understand that they have the power to choose the right thing for them. It then helps to create more and more confidence in themselves.

Through allowing them to make their own choices children also get to learn how they can satisfy their needs in the context of feeling in control. If they are supposed to pick up their toys, let them do. This thing also makes them super responsible indeed. 

Helicopter Parenting is good to some extent but you should not get into this type of parenting since it could be quite bad in the long term. You should give them needed freedom instead of being with them all the time.

Learn more about patient parenting.

9. Not Carrying Snacks With You

A lot of the time bad behavior or a bad attitude happens due to hunger. I mean I am sure you have been hangry before right??

Not having snacks on hand at any outing is a disaster waiting to happen and leaves many parents battling a cranky child. 

This tip is easy to fix! Just carry around some snacks so that if your child (or you) gets a bit grumpy you can distract that feeling with a delicious snack. 

10. Bossy Attitude Around Them

You must not show your power every time in front of them.

What you can do is let them be aware of potential unhealthy outcomes.

You cannot answer everything with a sentence such as “because I said so”. It is not good at all and doesn’t teach the child anything. 

You need to learn the best way to let them understand that what could be the right or wrong thing for them.

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So there you have it! 10 behaviours you can change so that bad parenting is not part of your story. The great thing is you can make some of these changes today and make the journey of parenting that little bit easier.  

By being a bit more thoughtful about your actions you will make sure that you are going in the right way. 

To sum up, if you avoid all these above-mentioned bad parenting, it can truly make you have the best experience.

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