It’s so special searching for a gift for a first-time parent, imagining how they’ll explore parenthood and be tested in the best way possible. When you are celebrating second-time parents, gift-giving can be a little trickier, as they typically have everything they need and know all about the best products out there.

If you’re approaching a baby shower for a special person in your life and want to give something memorable and useful, here are some gift ideas for second-time parents who have everything.

Micro Loan Investment

Micro business loans are a unique way for the new parent in your life to receive something that truly helps someone else, and an opportunity for the fruits of the loan to grow with their little one. A microloan is a form of ethical investment that gives loans to people in economically challenged parts of the world who may struggle to secure traditional lending, such as through banks or government funding.

With a microloan, you’ll pick an entrepreneur who will use your funds to set up or expand their start-up, and once profit is returned, you’ll get your loan back (which you can give to the parents or their child). This is a great idea for generous couples, and it’s a story they’ll be able to tell their children to foster in them a giving, sympathetic spirit from a young age.

Attraction Family Passes

There is no need to clutter the family’s house all over again with large toys and even larger packaging. Gifting an attractive family pass is a fun and creative way for a household to spend time together and encourage them to get outside and engage in activities once the baby has arrived.

A family pass to the zoo is a great idea, as slightly older children will love all the animals, and the parents can enjoy the outing, too. There may also be a creative centre nearby with family passes, or annual access to a skating rink or waterpark. Gifting an experience is always a great way to navigate a baby shower, and with yearly passes, the family can go as often as they like.

Functional Gifts

You can count on the fact that everyone attending a baby shower is going to get something cute for the baby. This is a great opportunity for you to buy a functional gift that may be far from the minds of other friends and family. So, what is a practical gift for a baby?


Hats are super practical, especially under the unforgiving Australian sun. Other great functional gifts are bibs, muslin wraps, and a night light for the infants’ room. These items may not warrant re-use from the first baby, and in some cases, it can be nice for both children to have their own of each item.

Shower The Parents Instead

There will be no shortage of showering for the baby, with so many loved ones gifting all kinds of lovely and generous things. Instead, treat the parents to something special to recognize the journey they have been on and the next chapter ahead, which will be rewarding, albeit challenging.

You may want to give a massage voucher, a facial gift card, a bottle of champagne for when the baby is here, new pyjamas that make mum feel special, and anything else that is a little bit indulgent. There is no chance of getting the wrong gift when you choose to honour the mother or father at a baby shower, who probably haven’t spent a minute on themselves!

Sentimental Gifts

If you are very close with the expecting parents, you may want to level up your gift-giving. Printing and framing a photo of pregnant parents with their first child is a beautiful gift idea and one they will treasure forever. You may also want to give them a photo album they can fill with their own photos, but remember to add in a few to get them started and become inspired to fill it out with new pictures when the baby arrives. If you have an idea of when the baby is going to be born, you can find a piece of art that relates to the baby’s star sign or birth month.

If you’re the person planning the baby shower, you could organise a joint card for everyone to write a special message and maybe some advice for the expecting parents. Another route is to suggest attendees write on the card as if they are writing to the baby directly, letting them know how much they are loved and how excited everyone is. In years to come, they’ll be able to look back on it, and see how they were welcomed into the world.

Gifts To Support A Life Transition

One baby is a lot of work, but two… well that’s double the work. The parents will know what to do but have many more jobs and priorities to take on. This is your opportunity to gift the second-time parents practical items to make this new phase of their life a little easier. You can purchase UberEats vouchers so the parents can order takeaway on nights they simply have no time to make a home-cooked meal.


You can also purchase a temporary subscription for a meal delivery service, or fill their fridge with frozen meals. They will remember how tough it was when the first baby came and absolutely appreciate this practical and helpful baby shower gift, even though on the surface it may not look the most glamorous.

Hopefully, these ideas will be perfect for the second-time parents you are showering. If you’re still on the fence about what to give, remember that you can simply ask them what they want.

No gifts will be unwelcome, and lending support during this time is as good as any grand gesture. Showing up is most important, and they’ll be grateful to have your presence at such an important time in their lives.