In a previous article, we discussed how to secure our kids online.  So, to continue with this theme, let us talk about how to block spam calls.

People have busy lives and this can often be disrupted by wasted time on spammers, telemarketers, and scammers.  Common spam calls include fraudulent car warranty representatives, persistent injury lawyers, and phone and internet providers.  However, you can prevent these endless calls and messages on your devices.

Phone manufacturers and carriers have created easy ways how to block spam calls on Android and iPhone devices.  This article covers easy ways to do this.

Blocking Individual Numbers

To get someone blocked on your Android device;

  • navigate to your list of recent calls,
  • then press and hold down the number until you see a menu.
  • When the menu appears, you can choose the “Block/Report Spam” option, or whatever variation appears. 

Android phones with an Android 11 update can now access robocall identification and prevention. This helps in screening apps and also distinguishing robocalls from actual calls. 

Blocking Spam Calls On Android Device

Filtering Unknown Callers

Specific Android devices can help you block unknown calls.

  • You can find this under the settings section of your Android device.

Block Spam Calls On Your iPhone Device

Similar to Android devices, you can block spam calls on your iPhone device through individual blocking of numbers or by filtering unknown callers. 

Blocking Spam Calls From Individual Numbers

On your iPhone device, you can block a phone number by;

  • Locating the robocall number on your list of recent calls in your phone apps.
  • Then, touch the “i” icon close to the number, and choose “Block Contact” from the list of options available. 

Filter Unknown Callers

To filter unknown callers on your iPhone device, you should;

  • First, navigate to your Settings app,
  • Then, tap your phone and choose Silence Unknown Callers.
  • Additionally, you can turn on the Do Not Disturb Mode to help silence notifications you have not allowed.
Blocking Spam Calls On IPhone Device

Using Phone Carriers Applications To Block Spam Calls

Cell phone carriers have several free or reduced-cost applications that users can use to block spam calls automatically. Some of them are:

T-Mobile/Sprint Free Scam Shield

T-Mobile/Sprint has a free Scam Shield, a free service that usually blocks calls that the carriers see as a nuisance. You can get the app from the app store.

The app identifies scam calls to ensure they don’t reach you.

It also has an enhanced Caller ID display which has detailed information on calls to determine if it is legitimate. 

Legitimate calls also have a Verified Number tag, and potential spam calls usually have a warning attached.

The Scam Shield also gives users extra proxy numbers that they can use if they don’t want to share their regular phone numbers. 

T-Mobile scam shield
Also, if your regular phone number has been caught in spam, you have the chance to change it once per year for free. There is also a spam counter which keeps track of every call that you have blocked.

AT&T Call Protect App To Block Spam Calls

AT&T Call Protect
AT&T has a call protect app that blocks fraud and spam calls and gives users a warning label.

Additionally, AT&T customers can use a support page that directs them on how to block calls for their types of phones.

Customers can also use the free version of the Call Protect app. 

This version is usually rolled out for new customers automatically while also being added to existing customers’ accounts.

Users can also get another AT&T app called Mobile Security which has the Reverse Number Lookup and Caller ID features for $3.99 per month.

Verizon Call Filter App

Verizon also offers a call filter app that provides filtering, detection, blocked call log, and can also report spam calls.

The free version of Verizon’s Call Filter service is made for customers with postpaid plans. It is capable of detecting and filtering out spam calls.

It would also alert the user of a likely spam incoming call. 

Users can filter out numbers similar to theirs, report unwelcomed numbers, and also block spam calls based on the risk level they set.

It also has a premium version called Call Filter Plus. 

You can also call your carrier to know what measures they have in place to stop spam calls and robocalls. 

Verizon Filter App

Wrapping Up 

Spam calls have been a constant annoyance over the years but there are easy ways to block spam calls.

Most people get about four to six spam calls every day. The Federal Trade Commission and Federal Communications Commission are doing their best to get a hold of the situation with crackdowns. 

Meanwhile, you are being disturbed by these annoying calls from random numbers.  Use our easy options to block spam calls and restore normalcy and peace to your life.

We hope you find this guide helpful, don’t forget to share it to help others.  If you have suggestions and comments, please leave them below.

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