Owning a smartphone is a trend that every kid has followed; parents are forced to buy phones for teens because it is necessary in the real world. The internet has given so much power that children have access to everything through smartphones. They use smartphones for their school projects, turn to the internet for entertainment, and communicate with friends via calls and text messages.  Therefore, a parental control app is essential.

It is good to have a smartphone at this age, but parents should also limit the internet and digital usage. Besides restriction, it is also essential to monitor teens’ online activity because they have access to unethical content. Moreover, there are too many scary people present in the online world that can harm kids’ mental health. That’s why parental controls are necessary because they will finally answer your question, “how can I track my child without letting them know.”

parental control for online safety using an app

What Is Parental Control App Software?

Parental controls are apps that allow parents to control their kid’s online and digital activity remotely.  It is the best child tracker that a parent could use because it is impossible to monitor kids in person 24/7. Parents need to install or purchase the app and start securing their kids from internet threats. It contains advanced features that restrict children from contacting badly influenced people, block inappropriate websites, and limiting internet and social media usage.

How To Protect Kids From Online Threats?

You can make your kids comfortable to the point that they share their fears when in danger; parents can sit with them and talk about their day. If you feel your child’s behavior is weird all of a sudden, you can monitor their cell phone activity. It is a tiring way to deal with online threats because kids lie and hide stuff from parents most of the time. The ultimate way to ensure the complete security of children you need parental control app to have full access to the smartphone 24/7.

parental control app for child online safety

Use A Parental Control App:

Parental control android is designed to track children’s phones without them knowing, yes that’s right. It contains advanced controls that allow you to monitor online activity, communication on apps, and much more remotely. You won’t have to ask your kid every day about their issues or go through struggles to check their phones to ensure their safety. All you need to do is install the best android parental control app on your teen’s phone and start monitoring.

TheWiSpy- Best Android Parental Control App:

TheWiSpy is the best child tracker app that parents can use for spying.

As a parent, you are also worried about controlling your children and setting parental controls on their devices.

The kids of this generation are smart and well aware of the technology to disable all restrictions easily. 

But not with THEWISPY because it spies in stealth mode with advanced functionality, which means the children can never know they are being tracked.

More than 30 parental controls that TheWiSpy offers to their users; you can get each bit of information from the target device with few clicks.

WISPY parental control app

How To Set Up TheWiSpy Parental Control App?

TheWiSpy offers a user-friendly interface with an easy guide to set parental control android; users with any technical background can set controls by following some steps. If you are new to track cell phones, then a detailed guide and customer support are available that will make things easier for you. Here are three essential steps to enable the best android parental control app.

Step 1: Purchase The License:

For purchasing, you need to open the website of TheWiSpy and go to the buy page. Once you reach the page, three subscription plans will pop up, and you can select a plan according to your need.

Step 2: Install The Parental Control App:

Once the billing is cleared, you will receive an email that will contain a downloading link through which you can install the application on the target device. Click on that link, and automatically the best child tracker will start installing. Within few minutes, you will have the application installed.

Step 3: Set Up The Account:

The email that contains the installing link will have information about the account, use that information and set up the account in seconds. Once the version is all set, you can view all the features and functions on the dashboard.

Step 4: Start Controlling:

You can now set any parental control you want from the dashboard using a web browser; unlimited tracking features are designed for this purpose. Sit back and start tracking my child’s phone without them knowing.

how to install parental control app

TheWiSpy smart Parental Controls:

If you are unfamiliar with TheWiSpy advanced parental controls, then this article can help you. However, there are 30+ functions of the tracking app, but here are some highlighted features of the best android parental control app that you can use for spying.

Call History Spying:

It is an unstoppable tension of parents whose kids are contacting people every day. It is scary in the real world to contact strangers. Kids cannot differentiate good and bad in people because of young age and zero experience, yet they don’t let parents know about their problems. Using the call history spying app, you can check all call logs and block unwanted contacts.

SMS spying:

The young generation uses SMS as the primary source of communication, from regular SMS to social media apps text messages they are texting all day. TheWiSpy lets parents view SMS through this feature to block or restrict contacting specific people or bullies. 

GPS location spying:

Kids have their smartphones wherever they go, but they don’t inform their parents about their location. The real world is not secure, and parents should at least know about the exact location of the kids to rescue them in case of danger. TheWiSpy parental control app offers a GPS location spying feature that provides real-time location of the child in seconds. 

Access to multimedia files:

Multimedia files contain stored pictures, videos, audios, and files, and you can view them and make changes. For example, if any inappropriate video is stored in the device, you can delete it by tracking your child’s phone without them knowing. 

Surround recording:

Is your kid hiding something from you? Don’t worry anymore because TheWiSpy offers a surround recording advance feature. When you activate the feature, the live conversation around the target device will start recording, and you can listen to it later. 

Social media app monitoring:

Social media is the real nightmare for parents because it allows random people to connect with their kids and harass them easily. Teens can fall into the trap by talking to a stranger, leading them to life-threatening situations. But you can control them using the best child tracker; it allows you to track childs phone without them knowing

Restricting the use of addictive games:

There were times when kids liked real-life games, but now they get addicted to online games that are highly harmful to their mental health. Using TheWiSpy, you can restrict the use of these games and block websites when needed.

Camera spy:

It is an advanced and essential feature in TheWiSpy parental control app history; you can click live photos of the target device and view what’s happening around your kid. 


No matter how much you ground your child, they will find a way to escape the house, but you don’t have to stress anymore because you can restrict your kid from a specific area with the geofencing feature. When they enter the blocked site, you will receive an alert. It will help you control your kid better.

how to install TheWiSpy parental control app

Concluding Thoughts:

In today’s world, every parent needs the best android parental control app because you can’t control the internet, but you can restrict your kid from using it. No matter how hard you try, teens will find a way out of your monitoring, but you can change that by setting parental controls on their apps. TheWiSpy is the best child tracker app that will help you monitor all digital and online activity of the kid within seconds while sitting remotely.

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