Designing a perfect kid’s room should be a fun experience for both you and the child, but it can also be a challenging one. Getting the room decor just right for your child to enjoy for many years needs to begin with you identifying your child’s needs and wants now, and their needs in the future, and creating a functional room to fit them.

5 Helpful Tips to Create a Fun and Functional Kids’ Room

Whether you are starting from scratch, or adding to the existing room, here are top tips on how to design the perfect room for your little one.

1. Keep an Open Floor of Your Kids’ Room

Keeping the room decor to a minimum, and giving your child the freedom to play openly in their own space, creates the opportunity for your little one to be more independent. By keeping the kids’ room simple, you are creating a blank canvas that enables your child’s imagination and creativity

keep an open floor space for kids

That does not necessarily mean that your kids’ room should be empty or contain only a bed and a wardrobe, but to keep the open floor space for free play. 

2. Choose Smart Furniture

When it comes to furniture, there are so many smart choices nowadays to choose from. If you are redoing kids’ room, and intend to keep them in the same room for a number of years, try to choose furniture that will essentially grow with them. 

A bed frame that can expand as your child grows can be a smart investment, to just add on a piece, instead of buying a new bed every few years. 

Also, utilizing the storage space in the room can prove to be very useful. At first, you can store all the toys in the hidden nooks of the kids’ room, and as your child grows, they can use the space for their own needs, like art projects, clothes, bulky sports equipment. 

3. Functional Flooring of Kids’ Room

If you are gutting the kids’ room and starting fresh, there are many choices in front of you, including the type of flooring you want to put in. 

If the budget allows it, having hardwood floors is definitely the option that will last you the longest.

However, laminate flooring has come a long way and is now much more durable and resilient, and a perfect solution for your child’s room.

When choosing the flooring for your child’s room, be selfish and think of yourself first, and how you are going to clean it. Having a carpet in the bedroom is cozy and soft beneath the feet, but it is also very demanding when it comes to cleaning. Especially if you have a toddler, who is always spilling everything. 

easy to clean functional floor

4. Create a Fun Playroom

Keep in mind that, when decorating, and making the room for your little one, they are the ones that are important.

Do not try to make a kids’ room that is Instagrammable, or one that is pleasing to your eye, make a fun room.

fun climbing wall for kids

Add a chalkboard wall, to let your child’s artistic side free, and let them always have unlimited space for drawing.

If your child is a more active one, consider building a rock-climbing wall, to let them explore the heights of their room and burn off a little of their energy pre-bedtime.

A bunk bed slide is also a great way to burn some energy off – climbing and sliding in circles until they fall flat. 

5. Create A Space to Getaway on Your Kids’ Room

An equally important part of the kids’ room is a place where your little one can get away to some peace and quiet. Building a fort, a tent, or creating a reading nook will encourage your child to take time and calm themselves, curling up with a good book. It is the ideal place for a rainy day spent inside, where they can explore a whole new world of their own. 

create a learning area for your kids room

Wrap Up

You know your child best but still, ask for their input when designing your kids’ room. By getting their input, you are making sure your little one really likes their new space and accommodating to it nicely. Check out these fun ways to involve your kids in decorating.

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