Travis from Daddy’s Hangout shares a great post to help dad’s focus on positive discipline instead of negative discipline.

It’s true that there is still the stereotype of Dad being the disciplinarian in the home.  I’m sure we have either all said it, or heard it when we were younger.   “Just you wait until your Dad gets home!”.

I know that as a child those words drove fear into my heart as my Dad would always follow through.

Speaking to him years later he told me that coming home and having to be the authority was extremely difficult.  He would be ambushed by my Mom as soon as he got in the door with something along the lines of.

“You have to do something about that child.”  He would then get a quick run down and be told we needed to be punished.

Positive Discipline Can Work For the Whole Family 

With parenting in our modern world, it is becoming uncommon to see negative behaviours around discipline.  We are talking about yelling at your kids, spanking and even berating them for bad behaviours.

We now know that these behaviours cause fear and a lack of understanding between the parent and child.  Travis suggests using 4 easy tactics to keep your child in line with positive discipline.

  1.  Focus On You – control your emotions and think clearly.  Don’t lose your temper.
  2. Talk To Your Kids – this should really say listen!  Find out the reason behind them acting out as it could be easily sorted.
  3. Reinforce Good Behaviour – heap praise on doing the right thing and try to not engage in negative actions.  This can be harder than you think so re-read #1.
  4. Redirect – don’t go on like a broken record.  Change both what you are saying and how you are saying it.  If your child is constantly acting out the same way, your message is not getting across.
positive discipline to help dads effectively parent

Using positive discipline with your children will allow you to develop a strong relationships.  This is true of any age so it’s never too late to change your attitude.

Foster good communication skills and come home to a happy house using positive discipline with your kids.

You can read the full post here.