Are you shopping for a baby shower, gender reveal, or welcome home gift? The arrival of a new baby offers so much to celebrate, and it’s important to choose a present that’s both thoughtful and useful. Even though most parents-to-be find out what they are having before the baby arrives, some prefer the gender to remain a surprise. Additionally, some parents that already know the gender prefer to stick with non-gender-specific clothing, bedding, and toys for their little bundles of joy.

In any case, shopping for gender-neutral baby gifts doesn’t have to be a challenge. As the gift-giver, you have so many great directions you can go in to hand over a token of congratulations that isn’t geared toward either boys or girls. 

Here’s a look at some of the best gender-neutral baby gifts:

4 Best Gender Neutral Baby Gifts

1. Crib or Bassinet Sheets

Newborn babies often spend countless hours sleeping, and a lot of that time will be spent in either the crib or the bassinet. Without question, there will be a lot of sheet changes in those first months at home.

best gender neutral baby gifts

That’s why high-quality baby bedding makes a great gift, and there are so many gender-neutral sheet set options for both bassinets and cribs.

From leafy, jungle-inspired prints to classic black and white, you’re sure to find a pattern and color scheme that will complement their nursery design.

Some companies even offer three-packs of crib or bassinet sheets, so parents-to-be always have a clean sheet on hand.

When it comes to baby sheets, always pick 100 percent cotton fabrics because they are gentle and soft for the baby’s skin, breathable for all-season comfort, and moisture-wicking to keep them dry and comfortable.

You should also opt for fitted bedding with a durable elastic hem that runs around the entire sheet. This keeps it from slipping off in the middle of the night, which could pose a serious safety hazard.

2. Changing Pad Covers for Gender Neutral Baby Gifts

If there’s one place in the nursery that will get the most visits during those first few weeks home with a new baby, it’s the changing table.

Of course, with newborns, accidents are bound to happen. Changing pads, much like a crib or bassinet mattress, can be outfitted with covers for easy cleaning.

To make life a little easier for new diaper changers, grab a few fitted changing pad covers in a gender-neutral design to match the nursery.

That way, any accident that happens can be taken care of quickly with a simple cover change.

Just be sure to opt for mattress pad covers made of gentle cotton materials that are easy to clean and easy on the baby’s delicate skin.

ideas for gender neutral baby gifts

3. Pack and Play Baby Gift

If you’re leaning toward a more expensive gender-neutral baby gift, consider a piece of equipment that will give parents-to-be months – or years – of use.

Ides for gender neutral baby presents

A pack and play (sometimes referred to as a mini crib) is the perfect example of a more high-end gender-neutral gift.

These products are worth their weight in gold to a new parent because they have so many different functions.

Most packs and plays can initially be used as a bassinet, some can be converted into a bedside crib for a newborn, and all of them can serve as a basic playpen when the baby gets a bit older.

Be sure to pick up some fitted pack-and-play mattress covers so that new parents can keep the mattress comfortable and clean for their little ones.

4. A Gift Basket with All of the Essentials

Can’t pick just one gift? You don’t have to!

One of the best ways to spoil new parents and their little ones is by creating a gift basket with a variety of items.

Give them something for every milestone by including a selection of bassinet sheets, crib sheets, and mini crib sheets.

That way, they’ll have plenty of fresh sheets for every sleeping arrangement.

Bonus points if you package your gifts in a basket that can be reused in the nursery or another area of the home!

baby gifts that are gender neutral

Finding the Perfect Gender-Neutral Baby Gifts

Even though it can be a little more challenging to steer away from all of the pink and blue in the world of baby gifts, picking a great gender-neutral present doesn’t have to be difficult.

There are so many excellent options that offer no telltale traits of being more suitable for one gender over another.

Take your time, assess the possibilities, and always opt for the best quality materials – you’ll no doubt offer a gift that will be well appreciated.

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