Do plan having a baby?

Everyone wants to impart their wisdom about birth and parenting. It comes with the territory I guess.

They’ll tell you all sorts of things: You will love them unconditionally, it will change your life forever, and those little years go by in a flash.

Birth is painful, but they have epidurals and the pain doesn’t last forever. And, they will tell you all of their little tricks of the trade to try and help you out.

All these things are true. Everyone wants to tell you about the sunshine-y, fun, wonderful things about parenthood.

But, no one likes to impart the information about the icky, not so nice, less sunshine-y things involved in birth and parenting.

There are some things that no one tells you about having a baby.

8 Things To Know Having A Baby

So, from me to you, here’s a little list of those not-so-wonderful things that no one wants to tell you. You can thank me later.

1. Child Birth Hurts

mother in pain laboring

Yes, epidurals are always an option. Most hospitals have a slew of pain-killing cocktails to help you make it through this process.

And, yes, the pain only lasts so long.

Once that new baby is laid on your chest you kind of forget about how bad it hurt for a minute.

But, labor still hurts. They won’t give you an epidural the moment you start contracting (trust me, I tried) and you will still feel all the pressure and prodding through delivery.

They will climb on top of you and squish on your stomach to get the afterbirth out and you will feel like some sort of barn animal once it’s all said and done.

Believe me; the pain is worth it in the end. But, consider yourself warned, it still hurts.

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2. Your Body Will Do Nasty Things When Having A Baby


Your body is an amazing thing. It has spent the last 9 months growing a little human all on its own.

IT took care of the baby, making sure it got what it needed and all you had to do was pig out on your cravings and do the duck walk for the last couple of months.

But, while it’s amazing, it is also slightly gross. You will sweat like crazy. You will smell weird. And, after delivery, the various bodily fluids are abundant. Don’t worry, it doesn’t last forever.

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3. You Will Not Walk Correctly For A WHILE When Having A Baby

pregnant walking

Whether you’re a C-Section momma or an all-natural momma, you will not walk correctly for quite some time. It’s okay.

Nothing is wrong with you. You just gave birth to a human. It takes a while for things to get back to working order.

It’ll wear off eventually, and it’s nothing to worry about. But, no one really warns you about it. So, walk that funky walk with pride.

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4. Babies Cry So Much.

baby crying

Sweet Lord, do babies cry. They cry about everything.

Generally, you won’t know why they’re crying. Sometimes, I don’t even think they know why they’re crying. That’s just what they do. We all know that babies cry, but we’re not always prepared for the excessiveness of it.

If you’ve checked the diaper, fed and burped them, and made sure there are no hairs around their toes (because, seriously, that’s a big deal) try just snuggling them.

And, if they’ve been crying for hours and you can’t make it stop, there’s no shame in placing them in a safe spot and walking away for a bit. You’ve got to stay sane.

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5. You Will Cry So Much.

woman crying postpartum depression

Again, we all know babies cry. What they don’t tell you is that you will cry, too. A lot.

I cried for nearly two hours because they were sending me home from the hospital after having my baby.

Don’t ask me why and don’t know why, just did. You’ve just gone from being super pregnant with a boatload of crazy hormones to nothing in a matter of a few hours. That’s not easy on anyone.

Cry those tears, snuggle that baby, and don’t let anyone say a cross word about it. However, if you still find yourself crying, depressed, or just not feeling right a few weeks later, see your doctor.

Postpartum depression is real and it’s serious. Never put it on the back burner.

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6. If you will Be Having A Baby, Visitors Will Eventually Get On Your Nerves

family visits baby

You will most likely have 742 bazillion visitors in the first few weeks. It’ll be fun at first. Everyone will coo over the baby and dote on you.

They’ll offer to do dished or laundry or vacuum. I encourage you to let them. Any house cleaning that you don’t have to do is a win in my book.

However, they will eventually get on your nerves. You want to sleep when the baby is sleeping and you haven’t showered in approximately a week.

You know that some visitors have seen you in the same clothes more than once. There will come a time when you’re ready for some peace and quiet.

That’s okay. It’s not rude to politely ask a visitor to come back later. You need some rest.

7. There Will Be Times That You Have No Idea What You’re Doing Having A Baby


No matter how many baby books you read, or how many parenting classes you take, no one ever knows it all.

There will be more than one occasion where you have no earthly idea what you’re doing. The baby will be crying and you’ll have no idea why.

Their belly button will look weird and gross and you’ll have no clue what to do with it. They’ll need medicine and or run a fever and you’ll be lost.

It’s okay. Call your mom, sister, dad, aunt, your friend, your pharmacy, or the doctor. You can ask for help.

8. Everything Will Be Okay Having A Baby

baby and mom sleeping

Above anything else, everything will be okay. No matter how bad your day is, how much your labor hurts, how long your baby’s been crying, or even if that funky walk still hasn’t worn off; it’s okay.

You’re a good mom and doing your best. You love your baby more than life itself and you will figure this out. No one is perfect, no matter how much they try to appear that way. It’s going to be okay.